These are the list of our programs.

TB/HIV/ AIDS/MALERIA intervention Project for Internal Displaced persons and Refugees

Sensitization on TB/malaria prevention and the use of insecticide treated bed nets in rural communities; this project was implemented in collaboration with roll back malaria and USAID through the Ikom LGA councilor for health who where the ones who provided the insecticide treated. 6000 women where directly impacted by this project in rural communities; a total of 6000 nets were distributed in Ogoja, 0baliku, Calabar south Local Government Areas and women where trained on the use of insecticide treated net to prevent malaria; Malaria preventive drugs were also distributed to 7000 women and children in Akpabuyo and Bakassi Local Government Areas; information Education and communication material (IEC) was distributed to 320,000. Our electronic media outreach programme on HIV prevention reached more than 360,000 people. Our organization independently distributed 200 insecticide treated net to pregnant women in Cross River Sate. We also distributed male and female Condoms in Cross River, Akwa Ibom, Rivers states. Through the supportof HIFASS/LOPIN 3, SACA Cross River and Ministry of Health Cross River, We have conducted free HIV/AIDs testing and counseling in rural communities of Cross River State to more than 7,450 people and have linked 520 positive children and Udults to ART. This project is still ongoing.

Community HIV testing at Akim Calabar Municipality Cross River State.
Community HIV testing in Refugee Camp, Adagom, Ogoja LGA, Cross River State.

De-worming and Provision of Vitamins Programme in rural communities and urban slum for Children support by Vitamin Angels.

The staff and volunteers of OTEN ITA FOUNDATION in collaboration with Vitamin Nigeria limited embarked on a de-worming and provision of vitamins to children at Obudu, Obanliku, Akamkpa Ogoja, Bakassi, Calabar Municipalitythe banga camp pamol estate Calabar. Two hundred and fifty nine (259) took part in the exercise.

It was started with the introduction and registration, after which the resource person took the stage as she delivered a talk on the causes of worms, at the end of her talk participants asked several questions. This was followed by the deworming exercise, as one hundred and twenty (120) children were dewormed.

Community Outreach on Deworming in Obanliku LGA, Cross River State.
Deworming and Administring of Vitamin A to children at Aka-Efa, Calabar Municipality, Cross River State.

Care and Support to orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC Project)

Oten Ita Foundation wassub-granted by Local OVC Partners in Nigeria – Region 3 (LOPIN-3) of Health Initiatives for Safety and Stability in Africa “HIFASS”to scale up our community Comprehensive care, support and protection Services to Orphans and Vulnerable Children that are affected or infected by HIV in Calabar Municipality, Obudu and Obanliku communities of Cross River. We enrolled5212 Orphans and vulnerable children in 1250 household in Obudu and Obanliku LGAs of Cross River State under LOPIN 3 care and support services for vulnerable children while in Calabar Municipality we enrolled 8734 presently with case load of 5402. We have also receive funding from other partners like Global Fund through AOON, Cross River SACA , ministry of Women Affairs, Vitamin Angel and CUSO INT. Presently we are been sub-granted by Centre for Clinical Care and Clinical Research in Nigeria and Catholic Relief Services to Implement Integrated Child Health and Social service Award Lot 1 in Cross River State.

  • We have built the capacity of our enrolled caregiver on better Parenting Plus through 45 caregiver forums in Calabar Municipality,Obudu and Obanliku LGAs.
  • Total number of reactive enrolled into the program caregiver 149 with 24 OVCs in Obudu and Obanliku.
  • Total number of reactive enrolled into the program caregivers 153 (M=15, F=140) with 131 (M-58, F=73) OVCs in Calabar Municipality.
  • We empowered 233 Positive and vulnerable Households in Obudu and Obanliku LGA and empowered 158 Positive Households in Calabar Municipality.
  • Built capacity of 300 adolescent girls, boys, young men and young women on maternal and child health, family planning and family Education.
  • We have empowered (Household Economic Strengthening)125 caregivers in Obudu and Obanliku LGAs with startup capital to start small business.
  • We have established 23 SILC groups in Obudu and Obanliku LGAs and 13 SILC in Calabar Municipality.
  • We have constituted 25 Community OVC Improvement Team (COIT) in Obudu and Obanliku and 7 COIT in Calabar Municipalityto provide supportive and oversight functions to our OVC program.
  • We have empowered 250 AGYW in Calabar, Obudu and Obanliku with livelihood skills and they are using the skills acquired to make income to assist their families.

Promoting Women and Child right Programme.

OtenIta foundation has work to promote child and women right in Nigeria her activities includes advocacy beginning with the village councils in communities where we work, the Local administrative Councils and lobbying of state assemblies to create laws that will prohibit harmful practices such as Female Genital Mutilation, Domestic Violence and Widowhood Rites and Child trafficking. OtenIta is a strong member of the group (women against harmful practices (WAHP) in cross river state and the south south zone of Nigeria which has in the past 5years worked assiduously to promote the welfare of the women folk and has helped in the passage of the FGM abolition act in the child rights act.

Finishing School Project.

This is another ongoing project that is making impact on the girl child education and has the potential of achievingmoreimpact in the nearest future. This programme offer young girls creative & dialectical education and also building their capacity on gender mainstreaming, early puberty management, nutrition &self hygiene education.

This also offers counseling services on all issues affecting the girl-child in particular and women in general. We provide the required privacy and confidentiality for girls to share their problems with non-judgmental counselors.

We offer guidance and information to assist girls make the right decision to overcome problems of growing up. We give support for them to handle relationships and family problems. We give support in cases of rape, sexual abuse, trafficking in girls and any other forms of abuse. We collaborate with selected clinics and firms in our localities for referral of girls who requireclinical and legal services

We are taking this project to rural communities of cross River state of Nigeria, were teenage pregnancy, girl child trafficking, poverty and high level of illiteracy is most prevalence. Presently we are mobilizing 100 volunteers that we will be sending to these rural communities to implement the finishing school intervention project. So far more than 600 girls have benefited from our finishing school project.

We are proposing to established youth friendly resource centers in different rural communities of our intervention for capacity information sharing and networking for out of school youth.

Promoting Agriculture and Empowering Women.

Empowering Women in Rural Communities and Urban Slum in Nigeria with Civic Education, commercial fish farming, Cultivation of Continental Crops (EARNS PROJECT), this project is far is still in its pilot stage and we are trying to mobilized fund to scale up this project in 30 rural communities and urban slum.

  • Sixty women leader has been trained so far on fish farming management, soap making, bleach making, insecticides etc and a step down training was also conducted by this women making a total of 360 being impacted directly and more 36000 people impacted indirectly.
  • A pilot demonstration fish farm was established in ogoja in Cross River State for training of the women.
  • Formation of 25 women focused cooperative group
  • 45% increased in consumption of fishery product among beneficiaries.
  • 45% increase income of 360 household beneficiaries and significant increase of family income to 70%

The key success of this project was largely due to the choice of partners we use in implementation of this project, adaptation and the understanding of the local culture in the different communities where this project was implement.

Pre-training activities

Otenita foundation forged a partnership with One Sky Nigeria in carrying out the performance and assessment of the trainees, to also deliver on it terms of reference. A meeting was organized that brought the two organizations together, and the discussion was on potential funding for the trainees and an understanding of the training curriculum. At the end of the meeting a time-tables was drawn and timelines developed for the trainers and a performance monitoring and evaluation methodology developed.

Training Activities

The training programme in cross river state started in cross river state on the 4th may 2018 in two centers under our supervision namely city Chics saloon and silver cakes and decoration. Silver Cakes and Decoration centre had 25 trainees nd City Chics had 15 trainees under our supervision, and the training lasted for six weeks. Trainees where trained on the following vocational skills namely; confectionery, Interior decoration, hair waving, sells of attachment, fixing of nails, etc. from our observation, the trainee showed a level of enthusiasm for the training, this reflected in their massive and punctual attendance for each session of the training. From the arrangement of the curriculum the first two week was to introduce the trainees to major terms, theory and concept of the vocation before we conduct our pre-test evaluation on the trainee and then we conducted a post test at the end of the project. The other two weeks was open for model practical by the trainers or what we call learning by example, then the remaining two weeks was open for practical.

Cross section of trainees &MrsDappa in training session on confectionery.
A cross section of Trainees and Mrs. Ekpeyoung during Interior Decoration section.
Practical on puff puff making in action.
Practical on Backdrop design in action.
Int. Decoration Trainee.
Post evaluation Examination in silver cake and decoration Centre.

Food Demonstration for caregiver in Calabar Municipality.
Community Volunteers Review Meeting at OTF office in December.